Shiv Kotecha

The Switch
Poetry | Fiction
Publication Date: December 2018

The Switch compiles three books in one:
1. an extended apology, in verse, for friendship and desire
2. a fictional “obedience residency manual”
3. a poem by the unlovable Lord fucking Shiva.


Shiv Kotecha does for the word fucking what Catullus did for the word kissing.  In The Switch, desire travels everywhere to its surprisingly specific destinations—to body parts aroused in their fashion, like a saint’s skull or a cock.  Here love is as artificial as a courtly dialogue, and deeply felt, even spiritual.  Here the arousal of the fragmented body is contemporary practice.  Is one allowed to write such a book?  Among the spectacular effects and turns and startling intimacies in The Switch, the most daring is its no-holds-barred pursuit of love.

—Robert Glück

Shiv Kotecha’s deeply weird and affecting book The Switch works with prosaic measure and measured prose to compress the mess of everyday sexual feeling, the mess of everyday relating (both on and off the planet of the genital) into these often perfect lines.

—Hannah Black

SHIV KOTECHA is a poet and critic. He is the author of EXTRIGUE (Make Now, 2015) and others. His writing can be found in frieze, Art in America, and convolution and on Troll Thread and GaussPDF. He is also a PhD candidate in NYU English, finishing a dissertation titled Decomposition as Explanation: The Forms of Duration from Poe to Post-Conceptualism.


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