Kevin Killian

Tony Greene Era
Poetry | $14.95
Publication Date: Spring 2017

“And why do you write?” she said to me.
She’s everyone from A to Z.
“I write,” I said, “because it’s fun,
Because, like Jell-O,
I have been invented.”

Tony Greene Era is a new collection of poems by artist, poet, and photographer Kevin Killian, a founding member of the New Narrative movement. Doomed and dizzied by memory of lovers, cities, troubles, stray phrases still audible over a radioed past, these new poems seeks a sandcastle San Francisco only to find it slowly dissolving into its past. “How’s that going for you,” Killian asks in this sharp new book, “racing your destiny, being alone?”

KEVIN KILLIAN is a San Francisco novelist and poet. Recent books include the chapbook Pink Narcissus Poems (The Song Cave); Eyewitness by Carolyn Dunn, the memoirs of a Beat Generation legend “as told to” Kevin Killian (Granary Books); and Tagged, a collection of Killian’s intimate photographs of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc. His previous collection of poems, Tweaky Village, won the 2014 Wonder Prize, judged by MacGregor Card.



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