Kevin Killian

Tweaky Village 
Poetry | $15
Publication Date: May 2014

Out of Print!

“Spooky here in this ancient chalet in autumn.”

The winner of the first Wonder Prize, Kevin Killian’s Tweaky Village is a book of poems from a dreamy Oz of delirium and nostalgia, memory and desire. Killian pays homage to the Iraq War dead, George Kuchar, old Hollywood, Kylie Minogue, friends, lovers and almost lovers: “Five years in / to a war that never ends, / I heard telephones, opera house, favorite melodies.” Voices from the past—Tim Dlugos, David Bowie, Abraham Lincoln—fade in and out like overheard conversation, half-remembered a dozen years later.


9/4 Harriet Blog

5/4 The Volta
6/5 Coldfront
6/25 Entropy
8/8 HTML
9/1 Publishers Weekly
9/1 Scout Poetry

1/27 Philly Mag
2/24 Lambda Literary Review